Mrs GDear Dance Finesse,

I write to enquire if you know the whereabouts of my husband?

In February of this year, he disappeared and was replaced by an imposter.

Albeit that the man who shares my life at the moment is an extremely good imitation, possessing all of the qualities of the man I married (which are many), but I know that there are some subtle differences that give it away:

a) This man is 56lb lighter than my husband
b) This man, after a stressful day at work, gets out his bike and goes for a 20mile ride to calm himself down, rather than holing himself up in his office
c) This man does no longer snores and sleeps well at night ……but the one thing, the major thing that ensures I know it is not him…..
d) This man has actually suggested we go out together, for a day, shopping for clothes for him (29 years together and this has happened only out of necessity e.g need a suit for a wedding etc, probably about 4 times in our life!!)

Please do not misunderstand the nature of my correspondence, it is not a complaint. I am aware that you may have something to do with my husband’s disappearance, and I’d like to say if you know where he has gone, please ensure he remains there and I’ll keep the new one! (All of the old one plus more!)

Yours sincerely and thankfully

Mrs G

x KAZ x Serena is a well deserved Four Star applicant and highly deserves recognition for her pole addiction! As with many of us Serena eats, sleeps and drinks pole, and is fuelled along by her wonderful students that share her passion. Serena has created a beautiful pole studio in the Ribble Valley to ensure pole addictions may be scratched 24/7!  I have taught Serena Pole 1-2-1’s and find her to be very keen to learn and is gutsy when challenged to learn something new. She brings a long list of moves to conquer to each 1-2-1 lesson and is determined to achieve them all and take her new skills back to share with her students. It is a pleasure to know Serena as she simply oozes all things POSITIVELY pole!

Tiff– Serena clearly lives for pole fitness and the students she instructs. She is constantly involving herself in all aspects of the community such as attending workshops all over the country, volunteering for various competitions/workshops and more. She is a dedicated instructor and is always actively trying to improve her own knowledge and technique for herself, her students and for the community as a whole. Serena has a very inclusive attitude towards pole and someone who actively ingratiates their lives in this community as much as Serena deserves recognition.

Charlotte – Dance Finesse, Serena Smith! AMAZING teacher and great studio. Love that place! Life wouldn’t be the same without it xx Serena Smith at Dance Finesse – both inspires confidence and bravery I didn’t know I had : ))) X x

Hazel – Serena Smith at Dance finesse. She is the definition of dedication, amazing teacher and beautiful studio

Amy – The amazing Serena at Dance Finesse. She’s not only a fantastic teacher she makes every student feel special and confident! She is 100% dedicated to her studio and all of us and we her for it. X

Kaley – Serena Smith at Dance finesse!! I have been doing pole around 18 months and although I’m not the best I continue to go to classes because they are fun I am allowed to relax and Serena still persists in teaching me and pushing me aswell as encouraging me and building my confidence skills. She has the patience of a saint and teaches in a safe fun clean relaxed environment aswell as creating a positive and fun and encouraging atmosphere and that is why I love Dance Finesse!! All the students are fab and cheer me up every week and that is because Serena creates that for us! X

Nic – Serena Smith at Dance Finesse, is truly dedicated to pole! Working a full time job, then going to pole every night, and still making sure all of her students have the help and confidence they need to reach their goals! Can’t imagine my week without pole in it now!

Mikki  – No brainer! My wonderful friend and pole mentor Serena Smith @ Dance Finesse! All been said before! X

LisaDance Finesse with out a question of a doubt. confidence building dedicated and amazing at her job i wouldnt go anywhere alse x

Nicky – Thank you sooooo much! We had such a fabulous time with you yesterday – I couldn’t have asked for a better hen “do”. The routines were brilliant fun, the studios are lovely and the party games added to the spirit of the hen party! You made everyone feel totally at ease and helped us all release our inner-Burlesque dancer! We absolutely loved it and will definitely be back! love Nicky xxx

Jacqui – The best hen do for ages, personal, fun, liberating suited all of us. Thanks a bunch Jacqui

Emili – Another vote for Dance Finesse. For getting someone with two left feet to be graceful and passing on the love for pole! Xx

Emma – As soon as i saw this status one studio and in particular one person came into mind. Dance Finesse studios is my second home and Serena Smith is without a doubt the most commited, passionate and amazing pole instructor i know. She dedicates… all her spare time to the studio and her students. Her help and support has helped me and so many achieve amazing things. I want to thank her for everthing shes done. Serena you gave me my love of pole and for that i will be forever greatful! I Dance Finesse! xxx

Suzie Q – “Serena… Your Pole Style is Beautiful”

Sally-Ann Giles – “You are as beautiful on the pole as you are off… You work hard and play hard… A TRUE POLER… x x “

Karen Chaundy – “Dear Serena, Your passion for pole has rewarded you with a beautiful studio. Your lucky students have a wonderful space to play in. Thank you for allowing me and my Bombshells to come and practise and perform. The opening party of your second studio was a smoking success. Onwards and pole climbing upwards x KAZ x”

Bendy Kate – “Serena is a passionate, kind and thoughtful pole instructor. Not only is she an ideal character for teaching she is also a very strong performer and has a large repertoire of moves to demonstrate to students. She has single handedly created a business with a friendly environment for women to socialise, gain confidence, work out and have fun. Serena is constantly praising and motivating students and fellow professionals and I would definitely recommend her.”

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